Following the FDA discovered a link with Belviq and cancer

Why You Should File a Belviq Lawsuit

You may start an Belviq lawsuit when you or someone close to you has been diagnosed with cancer due to Belviq. Belviq drug. It is possible that you will have to pay with the cost of your treatment as well as your suffering. Physicians that prescribed the medication may be liable for the negative side effects that result from Belviq since they weren’t required to warn patients of the risk. Georgia law regulates product liability, meaning you do not have to purchase the medication in order to bring a case.

Recalled Infant Formula

Despite its effectiveness however, it is not approved by the FDA. FDA has yet to approve Belviq’s availability within the United States. This has led to a number of cases have been filed by makers for the medication. Arena Pharmaceutical, the company which manufactures Belviq is currently being sued by hundreds of people in relation with the medication. The company is currently examining the claims of patients. Although a majority of the lawsuits are filed against Belviq’s manufacturer Belviq If there are enough complaints, the company could be forced to act.

Meanwhile, the manufacturer of the drug has agreed to take Belviq off on the market. You could be eligible for compensation in the event that you been diagnosed with cancer as a result of the drug. Additionally you may choose to eliminate your medication in a secure manner. The manufacturer of the drug must also conduct a thorough investigation into the dangers associated with Belviq in addition to the other effects of the drug. A Belviq lawsuit can assist you in receiving compensation for the discomfort and suffering.

As well as these suits in addition, the FDA has just announced a recall of Belviq off the shelves. When the drug was first approved by the FDA and was later associated with a variety of cancers that women suffer from. In spite of the many findings that were made, the FDA did not approve Belviq despite being aware of the risks that come by the medicine. It’s not clear why the company didn’t warn consumers about the dangers. If they had done that, they could have avoided millions dollars of losses.

Following the FDA discovered a link with Belviq and cancer The drug was subsequently removed out of U.S. shelves in February 2020. The manufacturer of the drug, Eisai Inc., have voluntarily removed Belviq as well as other variants of the drug since they were not in agreement with the findings of the FDA. The FDA decision caused a plethora of Belviq lawsuits. A Belviq lawsuit can allow you to get a substantial financial settlement for the damages you have suffered.

Arena Pharmaceuticals filed an application to the FDA to be approved by the FDA for Belviq on December. 22nd, 2009. The application was Based on the results of 18 clinical studies. It was later discovered that the European Medicines Agency (EMA) declined this drug on December 22, 2012 following hearing from the manufacturer. The FDA also demanded for the medication to be removed from sale in Europe following an investigation by the European Medicines Agency raised concerns regarding the drug. It’s not known if this decision will impact market for Belviq within the U.S. or in other countries.

The FDA requested a random study that was placebo-controlled to determine the cancer risk associated with the weight-loss drug Belviq. This led to a number of women have filed Belviq lawsuits. It is the Carlson Law Firm has been looking into claims of cancer resulting from Belviq. Belviq drug. Contact us today for a no-cost consultation. You could be eligible for compensation if you’ve been diagnosed with cancer when you were taking the medication. You may also start an Belviq lawsuit when you’ve been diagnosed one of these cancers.